New Safety Policy

Please read these changes and understand these safety measures are being taken to protect you as well as myself!

Until further notice, face masks are required and must be worn during your entire service. Please understand this requirement as a sign of respect. I am protecting you from me and vice versa. Face masks are to be worn from the bridge of your nose to below your chin. (Masks are provided If needed)



There are no additional people allowed during your appointment. You can also ensure that you will not cross paths with any other clients. Only you and I will be present during your service. 


Disinfecting is and has always been a priority between clients (doors, chairs, etc.). All tools are disinfected prior to your arrival. 


Barbicide has always been used in my work space. You will see a jar with a pink breast cancer ribbon around it and know that is where tools are disinfected after each use. Disinfectants are discarded and made fresh daily. 


If you are experiencing any symptoms that cause you to cough, sneeze, etc, please reschedule to another date to avoid a service disruption (being turned away).


Any questions or concerns please text 816-866-3657

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